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Admission as a real estate broker

Without official approval, no one may act as a real estate broker in Germany. The requirement to apply for an authorization based on the fact that the operation as a real estate broker is a legitimate is necessary because this act with values of third parties and legal requirements must be strictly observed. From right side of the real estate agent requires a license pursuant to § 34c GewO because it professionally concludes contracts for real estate and provides commercial real estate or living space. He is also involved in the mediation of loan agreements and actively involved in construction projects on behalf of third parties. The requirements for obtaining an authorization for real estate agent is the proof of the reliability of the applicant and the lives of these assets in an orderly and fair. In this respect, the applicant may have no running insolvency proceedings, or such requests, but got rejected. Registrations of detention orders or placing the affidavit are admitted to the real estate agent also in the way. The same is the case if the applicant has been convicted within the last five years in cases of fraud, theft, embezzlement, etc.. If the reasons listed, which would argue against approval, not that the applicant has a legal right to grant the permit. The permission for work as a real estate agent is submitted to the competent district administration. For the request is a form available. In addition to the submission of the form, the following documents will be required to apply:
• Excerpt from the Federal Central Register, you may apply to the registration office.
• Information from the Central Trade Register. Available in ordering or trade office.
• Clearance certificate from the tax office
• Proof of the district court that no entry in the list of debtors and no bankruptcy proceedings present
The cost of the permit vary, depending on the extent to which the activity is being sought.
Study of the real estate industry
A study of the real estate industry can be completed at vocational colleges or universities and includes a comprehensive range of Architectural, Civil Engineering and Economics. Also for this distance learning courses are offered. For the study of the real estate industry you are the completion of the Bachelor (BSc) and Master (Master of Science) to choose from. The admission requirements may vary depending on the college or technical school. Be taught, among other rich content from the following areas:
• Business Administration, Investment and Finance, Economics and Finance, as well as accounting.
• Construction methods, surface control and conservation, as well as construction technology
• Legal knowledge in the areas of civil public construction law, tax law, tenancy law, etc.
• Real Estate Management
• Valuation, location and market analysis
Those who opt for the study of the real estate industry, offers an array of options after selecting a working area. Due to the extensive study content, you have the doors open in all areas around the subject property. More information about the study of the real estate industry .
Training to become a certified real estate specialist (IHK)
Real Estate merchants may avail themselves of the tested real estate professionals (IHK). For this purpose, preparatory courses at various educational institutes are offered, which can be completed part-time. After that, you will take a written and oral examination at the Chamber of Commerce. The cost of this training are not insignificant, but worth it for your future. Often the educational institutes offer the possibility to pay in installments. You should also find out whether there are funding opportunities in your state that you can take advantage of. You should also note that training costs are tax deductible to some extent. Even better, it looks when you hold an education voucher of Employment Agency – then there is a chance that you will get a 100% funding for this purpose. If you neither State nor by working through the Office has a delivery option available, please inquire at your local district office if there is a possibility of a master-BAföGs. In the preparatory course as property manager to teach you knowledge around the real estate management. This includes the construction of real estate concepts, as well as the development of concepts for marketing, sale, purchase, rental and management of real estate. Be taught, among other
• Control of company
• Human Resources and management
• Work organization
• Real estate management
• Project management in construction projects
• Activities as a broker
• Assessment and sale of real estate
You can find more information about the real estate business administrator .
Retraining as a real estate professional
Also retraining for real estate agent are possible. If you are interested in the career field, you should know more about the possibilities of retraining, because the profession of real estate agent has good future prospects and the opportunity for further training and specialization is diverse. So if you are interested, please discuss the possibility of retraining as a real estate agent must contact your local employment agency. This is in fact a chance that retraining is funded by the Office, provided you meet the requirements for obtaining an education voucher. Retraining for real estate businessman offered by educational institutions and distance learning, culminating in a stately test at the Chamber of Commerce. Distance learning would be especially useful if you is not local access to an educational institution has, that this course offers. The duration of retraining varies in the available educational institutions, but usually takes between two and three years. (Another article about the retraining to the Property Kaufman n with more information)
Earning potential as a real estate broker
The profession of real estate agent is one of the occupations to which the income varies greatly. It depends on whether you are working as an independent estate agency, or employed as such in a real estate office. In addition, it depends on the talent and commitment of individuals. The more efficient you are selling, the higher your profit will be. As an independent estate agents receive a commission for a successful conclusion. This is approximately 2.38 monthly rents for rental housing. So you can sell houses fast in Scotland, so here is the sales commission at about 6% of the sales price. If you work as an employee of a real estate agent, you will receive a monthly fixed agreed salary. In addition, you will also receive a share of the commission for items that you have taught. A difference in merit therefore makes out to what price range you are an agent or broker – the upmarket and expensive the property, the higher the commission. In this respect, you should invest energy in establishing a Maklerbüro’s in the determination of the location. The rents and prices of houses and land vary widely – Frankfurt am Main is more expensive than Scots, so you should think twice about where the Establishment of a real estate office is really worth and where you can expect the profit you want. More information on Estate Agents Glasgow content.
Other Facts:
• Who starts his own business as a real estate broker, you should be informed about the entire professional liability insurance to be covered for liability claims.
• Compliance with the law regulating the housing agency, after which the real estate broker shall only be allowed to offer accommodation, if so instructed by the landlord.

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